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The New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists (NYSCHP) is positioned to have immense influence on the laws, rules and regulations that govern the practice of pharmacy. NYSCHP maintains a divison on public policy and an active public policy committee in addition to a lobbyist, VP of public policy, and seasoned executive director in regard to policy work.  NYSCHP was successful in getting Collabortive Drug Therapy Management signed into law on May 18, 2011.  NYSCHP also supports legislation that expands the role of pharmacists as immunizers (successful limited expansion 2012), the elimination of citizenship as a requirement to become a licensed pharmacist in NYS (eliminated in 2012) and registration and certification of technicians.

What can you do to support the legislative efforts of the pharmacy community?   

  • Talk among your peers about the need to pass pharmacy legislation (staff meeting, interdisciplinary meetings, etc.)
  • Write your local assembly member or senator
  • Meet with local assembly member or senator
  • Make a personal donation to the NYSCHP Political Action Committee (PAC) fund Organize a fundraiser for PAC
  • Come to Albany for Pharmacy Day and NYSCHP Lobby Day

Contact your local NYSCHP Public Policy representative for other ways to help.  Call NYSCHP at 518-456-8819 for more information.

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