Upstate Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Symposium

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Optimizing Resuscitation Utilizing Dynamic Measures of Fluid Responsiveness by Brian Kersten, PharmD and Anna Perrello, R-PA

Back to the Future: Updated Guidelines for Evaluation and Management of Adrenal Insufficiency in the Critically Ill by Joseph Palumbo, PharmD

Paying the Piper: Strategies for Managing High Cost Antidotes by Jeanna Marraffa, PharmD

Uncomplicating the Complicated: Management of Transfusion Medicine Emergencies by Melissa Petras, MD

PERT Program: A Coordinated System of Care for the PE Patient by David Zlotnick, MD and Jamie Nadler, MD

Lights, Camera, (Vaso)action! Vasoactive Agents for Catecholamine Refractory Septic Shock by Gregory Kelly, PharmD

Let the Sun Shine In: Vitamin D and Other Supplements in Critically Ill Patients by Kimberly Zammit, PharmD

Augmented Renal Clearance: Let's Get the Discussion Flowing by Terry Makhoul, PharmD

EBM: The Where, When and How of Neuromuscular Blockade by Aubrey Gawron, PharmD