About the NYSCHP New Practitioner Committee

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The NYSCHP New Practitioner Committee (NPC), mirrored after the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) New Practitioners Forum, is meant to support new practitioners’ transition into real world practice. The NPC provides the opportunity for networking and collaboration with pharmacists across the state of New York in an effort to kindle lifelong involvement in professional organizations. While this committee supports the growth of new practitioners, pharmacists in all stages of their career are encouraged to join and participate in the committee's initiatives. 

Scope Mission Vision
The committee primarily targets pharmacists in their first 1-5 years after formal education or residency training. Increase engagement within NYSCHP by providing a community and collective voice for new practitioners as they transition into pharmacy practice. Advance the future of the profession through the growth of pharmacy practice leaders by active involvement in the NYSCHP organization.

The purpose of the NPC is to provide a network of educational and professional support to our newest pharmacists and inspire NYSCHP involvement early on in their careers.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for professional collaboration and development, as well as mentorship and support from seasoned pharmacy practitioners. The committee intends to serve the educational and informational needs of new practitioner members through programs that promote leadership and engagement opportunities. We hope to engage our newest members on topics such as clinical updates, grassroots advocacy and leadership.  

We welcome all new and existing members and hope to give them the most value possible as a NYSCHP member. This initiative will encourage lifelong NYSCHP involvement from the next generation of pharmacists and create an impact on NYSCHP members in years to come.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the co-chairs: 

Chelsea Barvian, PharmD, BCPS ([email protected])

Tobin Kuriakose, PharmD ([email protected])


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