NYSCHP/NYS ACCP Joint Webinar:

Getting Involved at Every Level: State and Federal Legislative Updates
October 10th, 2019 at 12:00 P.M. 

Andrew Kaplan, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP
Associate Director of Pharmacy, Mount Sinai West
Vice President of Public Policy, NYSCHP

John McGlew, MA
Director, Government Affairs
American College of Clinical Pharmacy

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September 18, 2019: Common Mishaps and Pitfalls in the Inpatient Management of Diabetes by Caitlyn Cummings

August 20, 2019: New Practitioner Webinar: Impact of Drug Shortages on Medication Safety by Emily Messing

July 30, 2019: Pharmacist's Role in Suicide Prevention: Identifying Opportunities for Improved Medication Safety and Interventions by Rebecca Waite

June 25, 2019: A Review of Unique Opioids and Their Conversions by Jacqueline Cleary

June 19, 2019: Critical Care Series Session 2: **RECORDED SESSION HERE**
Controversies in Septic Shock by Jerry Altshuler and Drayton Hammond
Controversies Surrounding Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis by Rob MacLaren

June 5, 2019: Critical Care Series Session 1: **RECORDED SESSION HERE**
Adult ICU Delirium Update by Gil Fraser 
A Case-Based Approach to Acid-Base Disorders by Justin Muir

May 21, 2019: Updates in the Early Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke by Michelle Jakubovics (Friedman)

March 5, 2019: Management of Hyperlipidemia: Past and Present by Rebecca Khaimova 

February 12, 2019: Preceptor Development: Practically Precepting the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process (PPCP) by Erin Pauling

January 22, 2019: Implementation of Pharmacy-Led Transitions of Care Program by Nikki Bhogal 

December 11, 2018: Mythbusters: Penicillin Allergy Edition by Mary Staicu

November 13, 2018: USP <800> Practical Compliance Strategies for All Practice Settings by Lou Diorio 

October 2, 2018: Working Smarter Not Harder: Using Evidence Based Medicine in Practice by Jonathan Ference - Additional Handout Here

September 11, 2018: Clinical Versatility: Ketamine in the ICU by Christopher Droege

August 28, 2018: Navigating Thrombosis and Bleeding at the Intersection of Atrial Fibrillation and Coronary Stenting by Snehal Bhatt

July 24, 2018: Grassroot Solutions by Karen Berger and Andrew Kaplan 

June 12, 2018: Polymyxin B and Colistin Debate: One of the Same Kind or Mutt and Jeff by Bruce Jones and Wesley Kufel

May 15, 2018: Reaching for the "New Normal" with the 2017 ACC/AHA Hypertension Guideline by Angela Cheng 

March 6, 2018: From Allergy to QTc  by Monique Bidell

February 6, 2018: Diabetes Pharmacotherapy in the Elderly Patient by Jennifer Fiebert

January 30, 2018: Solving the Puzzle of Biologic Use in Pediatric IBD by Sarah Smith

December 19, 2017: Paying the Piper: Managing high cost antidotes by Jeanna Marraffa

November 14, 2017: Let the sun shine in: Vitamin D and other supplements in Critically Ill Patients by Kimberly Zammit

October 24, 2017: New Pharmacy Practice Opportunity: Enhancement of the transitions of care process by Emma Gorman

September 7, 2017: Understanding and minimizing the Impact of Current Drug Shortages by Erin Fox

August 15, 2017: Formulary Jeopardy: Where Do Novel Drugs of 2016 Fit in? by Elizabeth Shlom and Maabo Kludze

July 25, 2017: Management of Hospital Acquired and Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Webinar by Amanda Cantin