Chapter Resources

Attendance Requirements:

  • Chapter Presidents conference call: All chapter presidents (president elect, president, immediate past president), board of directors and executive director
  • Board of Directors conference call: Chapter Presidents are also invited to join these calls

Resources and Documents


Sample Brochures


Membership Survey Ideas

Sample Multiple CE Needs Assessment
CE Newsletter:  Membership Survey
Chapter Constitution & Bylaws Review/Submission Chart
NYSCHP Financial Management:  Accounting for Nonprofits

Continuing Education Ideas

1.  Suggestions for Alternative CE Programming / Cost Saving Strategies

  • Put together 3-4 hour program instead of multiple 1-2 hour programs
  • Use DOP/Local Chapter Members/Pharmacy Residents/Local MD’s/Medical Residents to speak (gratis)
  • ASHP Advantage Program
  • Ask Pharmaceutical Representatives to pay for a display table at the meeting (ask companies that may be associated with topic/speaker) for $500-$750 discretionary fund
  • Utilize Speakers Bureau list on NYSCHP website
  • Use local hospital conference rooms for meetings and order food from the hospital
  • Add or increase fees for meetings
  • “Canned” CE programs
  • Workshops instead of “sit & listen” programs
  • Breakfast meetings (less expensive)
  • Brown bag

2.  Chapter Meeting Announcements

  • Ask all new members to stand and be recognized
  • Recognize council and local chapter leaders
  • Announce champion membership program  
  • Announce upcoming NYSCHP Pharmacy Meetings (Tri-State, Annual Assembly, and CE)
  • Announce this month’s journal theme of Journal of Pharmacy Practice and ensure that all members are receiving the journal
  • Any other important new business or new announcements
  • If exhibitors are present, mention that members should visit them to encourage future vendor participation.
  • Always thank those in the room for their dedication to the profession and our organization.
  • Promote NYSCHP Best Practice Award focusing on PPMI activities.  
  • Restructuring of the NYSCHP House of Delegates:  
  • 54th Annual Assembly:

    a. Notification of delegate numbers by January, 2017
    b. Nominations, award nominations, posters and REF awards by January, 2017
    c. Resolutions by February -, 2017
    d. 1st House mailing to reach delegates by February --, 2017
    e. 2nd House mailing to reach delegates by March -, 2017
    f.  Open Hearing Conference Call, April -, 2017, 12:00pm-1pm
    g. Resolutions Committee Conference Call, April --, 2017, 12:00pm-1pm
    h. Open Hearing, April --, 2017, 1:00 – 1:45pm
    i.  1st session of the House of Delegates, April --, 2017, 2:00pm-4:00pm
    j.  2nd session of the House of Delegates: April --, 2017, 2:00pm-4:00pm

  • Announcements that are Generally Time Sensitive
  • Call for NYSCHP awards
  • Title and type of award and method to apply
  • Deadlines
  • Call for nominations for NYSCHP BOD and President – method to nominate
  • Discuss legislative issues and announce Pharmacy Lobby Day at Albany

Chapter President's Retreat Materials

Why Join a Professional Organization Presentation
Membership Presentation


Continuing Education Program Requirements

CE Presentation - ACPE Requirements

Sample Documents:

Letter of Agreement 
Conflict of Interest
Presentation Guidelines
Co-Sponsor Form
ACPE Co-Sponsor Agreement