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New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists (NYSCHP) works tirelessly to improve public health by ensuring that pharmacists and pharmacy personnel work at the top of their license; NYSCHP advocates for policies that optimize the role of the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the care of patients.

NYSCHP was successful in getting Collaborative Drug Therapy Management (CDTM) signed into law in May, 2011, with later expansions to all hospitals/health systems in 2015; we continue to fight tirelessly to optimize the CDTM law and push back the needless sunset. NYSCHP was also successful in working collaboratively with GNYHA, HANYS, 1199, PTCB on the pharmacy technician licensure/certification law. Finally, NYSCHP supports legislation that expands the role of pharmacists as immunizers, commensurate with what almost every other state has. See our position statements for more.

What can you do to support the legislative efforts of the pharmacy community?  

  • Schedule a meeting with your Assembly member or State Senator
  • Contact your Assembly member or State Senator (via mail, phone, email) and ask for their support on a piece of legislation
  • Ask your legislator to visit your site – this will allow the them to appreciate Health-System Pharmacy and everything you do to provide excellent patient care
  • Talk among your peers about the need to pass pharmacy legislation (staff meeting, interdisciplinary meetings, etc.)
  • Come to Albany for Pharmacy Day and NYSCHP Lobby Day
  • Make a personal donation to the NYSCHP Political Action Committee (PAC); organize/attend a fundraiser for the PAC
    • To contribute to the PAC, make checks payable to NYSCHP-PAC, 230 Washington Avenue Extension, Albany, NY 12203. PAC contributions are not tax deductible.

Not sure what to do? Contact our NYSCHP Advocacy team ([email protected]) for guidance.

State Advocacy Resources:

NYSCHP predominately focuses on only a few pieces of legislation; please review each page for the applicable information for those policies:

Scheduling a visit with a legislator’s office. For a sample email, click HERE.

Going to your first visit with a legislator? See a sample script HERE.

You may hear some frequently asked questions by the legislator. Click HERE for answers.

Interested in learning how a bill becomes a law in New York? Click HERE.

How do I tell if my assembly member or state senator supports legislation we prefer? Click HERE

National Advocacy Resources:

NYSCHP is the New York State affiliate of ASHP, and therefore supports ASHP's strong advocacy message and mission. Please visit ASHP's Advocacy Page for information.

Additional References: