NYSCHP Board of Director
Chapter Liaisons


Primary Liaison

Secondary Liaison




Nicole Cieri-Hutcherson


Bill Prescott



Long Island


Bob DiGregorio





New York City


Jason Babby







Angela Cheng



Tom Lombardi





Travis Dick


Tim Hutcherson




Bob DiGregorio


Jason Babby



Southern Tier



Tim Hutcherson


Travis Dick




Ruth Cassidy


Gerry Meglio





Stephanie Seyse


Nicole Cieri-Hutcherson



Chapter Liaisons

Duties of the NYSCHP Board Liaisons

1.       Communicate relevant NYSCHP BOD information to the chapter board.

2.       Communicate relevant chapter information to the NYSCHP Board.

3.       Discuss chapter related business and concerns with chapter board members.

4.       Discuss financial issues of the chapter.

5.       Discuss financial issues of the NYSCHP.

6.       Assist in recruitment of chapter board positions.

7.       Share ASHP issues and concerns.

8.       Promote services provided by NYSCHP to the chapter.

9.       Review non-renewed member list with chapter leaders and ensure completion of non-renewed member survey.

10.    Encourage continued participation in the membership committee and utilization of membership guidelines.

11.    Participate in chapter BOD meetings in person or remotely and communicate board information to the chapter. 

12.    Act as a conduit between NYSCHP and the local chapter.

13.    Update the chapter on ASHP, NYSCHP, pharmacy practice and state board issues.

14.    Advise the chapter of future NYSCHP events.

 Two tier structure:  If primary liaison cannot attend, secondary liaison should attend if possible.