Chapter Grant Guidelines

General Requirements for an Educational Grant

1.    Needs Assessment (references)  Sample Needs Assessment
2.    Objectives  Sample Learning Objectives
3.    Budget Analysis (templates available)  Sample Budget
4.    Letter of Request (templates available)  Grant Request
5.    W-9 Form & tax ID for the Royal Counties  W-9 Form
6.    Tax ID for NYSCHP (sometimes required) 
7.    ACPE Accreditation Certificate  NYSCHP ACPE Accreditation Certificate

Sample Meeting Brochure

Sample Letter of Agreement - Exhibit

Tax information

We are non-profit, we do not have tax withholdings (we pay taxes on the grants)

Terms to Use

1.    Identifying a particular disease without specifying the drug

a.    Relistor - Staying Ahead of the Curve with Palliative Care Management
b.    Dexmedetomidine - Delivering Goal-Directed Sedation for the Critically Ill Patient

2.    Express the need to heighten awareness
3.    Need for delivery of patient care
4.    Pharmacist’s involvement or role in patient management
5.    Side effects of interactions of medications with a particular class

Terms to Avoid

1.    Biased titles
2.    Mentioning the drug entity in the objectives or needs assessment


1.    Grant is applied for 60 days prior to date of event
2.    CE is applied for 30 days prior to the event