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2014 House of Delegates

1st House Mailing-Table of Contents

 Delegate Roster NYSCHP C&B

 2013 House of Delegates Minutes

 Delegate Registration Form  Position Statements Regulations of the House
 Notice of Open Hearing  How to Write a Resolution  Proposed House of Delegates Regulation Change     House of Delegates 1st Mailing

2nd House Mailing- Table of Contents

Delegate Roster VP Public Policy Executive Director Treasurer Chapter Services Education & Workforce Development
Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy Management Industry Affairs Communications Regulations of the House Notice of Open Hearing
Schedule of Events 2014 House Agenda  Delegate Registration Form Parliamentary Procedure Link Position Statements  New business
 Resolution -1-14 Tobacco Use Profile

Resolution 02-14 Compounding Exam

Resolution 03-14 Electronic Cigarettes

Resolution 04-14 Immunizers Interns

Resolution 05-14 E Cigarettes Resolution 06-14 Lab Order
Resolution 07-14 Medical Use Marijuana Joint Resolution 08-14 Expert Resolution 09-14 Med Rec Resolution 10-14 Pharmacist Prescribing Resolution 11-14 CDTM without borders  
Resolution 13-14 Wight Based Ped Dosing

Resolution 14-14 Pharmacist Immunizers of Children

Resolution 15-14 Pharmacy Tech Qual Resolution 16-14 Pharmacy Tech Cert Resolution 17-14 Pharmacy Tech Curriculum Resolution 18-14 Pharmacy Tech CE
        Audit 2013 House of Delegates 2nd Mailing

Resolutions Committee Conference Call, April 23, 2014 2PM
Open Hearing Conference Call April 9, 2014, 12 Noon




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