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Chapter President Calls Minutes


Calendar of Events 2016-2017

In attendance at: 
Chapter Presidents conference call = all chapter presidents (president elect, president, immediate past president), board of directors and executive director 
BOD CC = Chapter Presidents are also invited to join these calls


chapter Membership Guidelines

New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists Chapter Membership Guidelines


1. Appoint membership chairperson and establish membership committee
2. Establish and maintain a recruitment and retention program  Examples

3. Recognize new members

4. Identify areas for new member growth

5. Know member needs

6. Conduct non-renewed member surveys

7. Maintain regular communication with Council office regarding membership issues

8. Establish and maintain a program to encourage student participation

9. Cultivate leadership

10. Utilize tools provided by NYSCHP

Complete Membership Guidelines

Recruitment Initiative Slips


Additional Resources and Documents

Sample Brochures Membership Survey Ideas CE Ideas
Sample Membership Brochure:  Royals Chapter Sample Multiple CE Needs Assessment

Alternative CE Suggestions

ACPE Standards 2016  Alternative CE Survey

CE Newsletter:  Membership Survey

CHAPTER PRESIDENT'S RETREAT MATERIALS Chapter C&B Review/Submission Chart Chapter Meeting Announcements

Why Join a Professional Organization

Membership Presentation

NYSCHP Committees

 NYSCHP Financial Management:  Accounting for Nonprofits
Chapter Liaisons



Leadership 2014

 CE Program Requirements



Letter of Agreement  

Conflict of Interest 

Presentation Guidelines

Co-sponsor Form     

ACPE co-sponsor Agreement


Constitution & Bylaws


Article I Definition:
Local chapters of pharmacists practicing in a hospital or organized health care setting may be affiliated with the New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists.

Article II Membership:
Members in Affiliated Chapters shall be restricted to active associate and honorary members as defined in Chapter I, Article I of these Bylaws.  Persons not so classified may attend meetings of the Affiliated Chapters upon invitation. All active members of Affiliated Chapters should be members of the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists.  Both active and associate members must be members of the New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists.

Article III Responsibilities:
Affiliated Chapters shall foster the objectives of the New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists.  Members of the Affiliated Chapters shall strive to implement the professional policies of the Council among themselves and in the health-system which they serve.  By selecting and sending delegates to the Council’s House of Delegates, the Affiliated Chapters may report, consolidate and delineate problems, issues and programs which are of general importance to hospital pharmacy, and otherwise, participate in formulating Council policies at meetings of the House of Delegates as defined in Chapter VI, Article VIII of these Bylaws.  Actions of the Council shall represent endorsement by the Affiliated Chapters.  Affiliated Chapters are privileged to adopt official professional policies of the New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists.  Affiliated Chapters may not adopt, publicize, promote or otherwise convey any policy or principle in the name of the New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists which has not been officially adopted by the Council.  Acts of the Affiliated Chapters shall in no way commit or bind the Council.

Article IV Liaison with Board of Directors:
The Director of Chapter Services shall represent and coordinate activities of the membership through the Affiliated Chapters.  The election and responsibilities of the Director of Chapter Services are as described in Chapter III, Articles II and IV of these Bylaws.

Article V Organization:
Each Affiliated Chapter shall adopt a standardized constitution as attached in Appendix I of these Bylaws.  The Constitution and Bylaws of Affiliated Chapters shall be approved by the Board of Directors of the Council.  All subsequent changes in the Constitution and Bylaws must be approved by the Board of Directors of the Council.

Article VI Dues:
All dues must be paid directly to the Council which will remit a sum to the Affiliated Chapters as described in Chapter I, Article III of these Bylaws.

Article VII Reports:
A copy of the minutes of every meeting of Affiliated Chapters should be sent to the Executive Director of the Council and the Director of Chapter Services immediately following such meeting, and not later than ten days following a meeting date.  Additions to and changes in the membership and officers of the Chapter are to be included therein.

Article VIII Representation in the House of Delegates: Affiliated Chapters will be entitled to delegates to the House of Delegates of the Council in the number prescribed in Chapter VI, Article II of these Bylaws.  The methods of selecting delegates shall be provided for in the Bylaws of Affiliated Chapters.

How to Revise Your Chapter Constitution and Bylaws

Sample Chapter Constitution and Bylaws

Chapter Installation


Grant Guidelines

1.  General Requirements

2. fw9

3.  NYSCHP ACPE Accreditation

4.  Sample Needs Assessment 

5.  Sample Learning Objectives

6. Sample Budget

7.  Sample Meeting Brochure

8.  Sample Letter of Agreement

9.  Program Details


Leadership Manual

Click on individual section below.   
I.   Introduction
II.  Vision and Mission Statement
III. Organizational Chart
IV.  Strategic Plan
V.   Local Chapters
      A. Chapter Officer Position Description
      B. Application for Continuing Education Credit
      C. Chapter C&B How To 
      D. Chapter Constitution and Bylaws Sample 
      E. Installation of Officers 
VI. State Board of Directors
     A. President
     B. President-Elect
     C. Immediate Past-President
     D. Treasurer
     E. Vice-President Public Policy

     F. Directors
     G. Executive Director
     H. Guidelines for Committees and Directors

VII. Memo and Report Guidelines and Formats
      A. Glossary of Terms
      B. Documents and Correspondence Recommended Format 
          with corresponding samples
      C. Minutes Guidelines and Sample Format with     
          corresponding samples
      D.   Records and Report Retention
      E.   Recognition Guidelines
VIII. House of Delegates
       A. Chair of the House of Delegates
       B. Local Chapter Election of Delegates
       C. Sample Report to the House of Delegates
       D. Proceedings of the House of Delegates/Regulations of the House of Delegates
IX.  Committees and Teamwork
X.   C&B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        XI. NYSCHP Staff:  Membership Coordinator  Industry Relations Coordinator

NYSCHP Policies
CE Grievance Reimbursement Credit Card Check Writing
Fair Balance Credit Card Use Member Dues Processing Alcohol All Events
Continuing Compentency Committee Alcohol Board of Directors Antitrust BOD Rooming
Conflict of Interest Certificate Program Cancellation Diversity Email Etiquette
Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Employee Background Checks Board Liaison Faculty Liaison
Internet Use Nonmember CE Fee New Standards Credit Card Processing ASHP Delegate
Sexual Harassment Photo Release AA Reimbursement Nominations and Candidacy for Elective Office
Mailing List Logo Usage Newsbrief Advertising Fees Industry Conflict of Interest
List Serve NYSCHP Candidacy


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